Seller Services

Brokerage Section_canstockphoto0072448You or your family diligently purchased an investment property (or several) some years ago. You’ve watched your investment grow over the years, have collected rental income and realized tax advantages over this time period. Now perhaps it’s time to cash out, use a 1031 exchange to move into larger properties, or convert your equity into income for retirement.

Selling? Pick up the phone and call us first. We have the most comprehensive database of buyers from across the United States, locally, and abroad who are actively seeking investment property in Upstate NY. It is a seller’s market right now as there is simply greater demand than there is supply of quality investment property to choose from, all while lending institutions are willing to finance quality, stable properties at historically low rates.

When you contact our team:

  • We will conduct a confidential personal or phone interview with you to learn about your property.
  • We will do our own property research, using area, market and comparable sales data, to gain insight on the value of your property
  • We will provide you with a comparable sales report, a detailed valuation report, and marketing plan for your property, usually within 2-4 business days.
  • If you then wish to consider selling your property, we will visit your property for a walkthrough to determine a value range that we feel your property is worth (no endless walk-throughs by agents hassling your tenants)
  • We will work with you to gather the historical income and expense history for your property. A professional offering package is prepared to provide prospective purchasers with complete information, highlighting specific attributes of the property and cash flow calculations.
  • The property offering is broadcast to a local and nationwide audience of investors and brokers using the Internet, mail, commercial realty sites and other venues
  • Prospects are pre-qualified to determine their ability to close the deal.
  • Experienced professionals negotiate the offer and monitor due diligence until the transaction comes to a close
  • If interested, we will assist you in coordinating a 1031 Exchange, locate replacement properties, and manage the replacement transaction.

Whether you are considering the sale of a single asset, an established business, or a large portfolio, Tom Properties is well suited to reach your goal. Our expert team provides sophisticated deal structuring, reliable investor intelligence, property positioning, and strategic marketing. Our clients benefit from our deep knowledge of investors, locally and from around the world, allowing us to showcase their property to a vast, diverse pool of attractive buyers.

“You only get one chance to sell your investment property. We will do everything in our power to ensure the disposition process goes smoothly, that the highest and best price is attained, and that the terms and timeframe of the deal are favorable to you. You have my word”
– Tom Salviski”

For more information, please call us at 585-705-4116 or fill out our CONTACT FORM and one of our agents will contact you promptly.