Buy to Suit

Delivering creative solutions, for unique commercial needs.

Are you unhappy with, or have you outgrown your current facility, and wish to explore other real estate options? Are you willing to sign a lease once you find the right property? If so, a “Buy to Suit” scenario may present a viable opportunity.

To simplify, if an established business is willing and able to sign a multi-year lease, we will pair you with an investor who will buy a vacant building for you, or build you a new one.

Why? Generally, vacant buildings are more affordable than properties that are leased up. By pairing you with a seasoned investor to buy you a vacant building, there is potential for mutual benefit for each party. The investor gets a commercial property at a fair price, and a paying tenant to go with it. The tenant benefits via free or reduced rent, and a property that better suits their needs.

Before you sign a lease, before you renew your lease, call us to determine if this could be a benefit to you.

If you are a cash investor who wishes to be on the buying side, please contact us to discuss.