Real Estate Auction Services

Delivering fast, quality results in real estate disposition.

X Auction ServicesSelling commercial real estate at auction has become increasingly popular and is a very desirable way today to sell property for 100% market value in a short period of time.

While traditional sales methods may take months or years to sell a property, our real estate Auction Services can complete a sale in less than 90 days – start to finish. Our auction specialists work with our clients to help determine if a sale would be best served by an auction, and if it should be sold at a live auction (onsite), via an online auction, or by sealed bid. If sold by auction, our in-house auction professionals engage in a six-week intensive marketing campaign while also directly contacting pre-qualified, active investors, and other high priority candidates, ensuring that each property receives extensive exposure.

Tom Properties, LLC real estate Auction Services are another way to generate value for our clients.  Advantages of an auction process include:

  • Delivering buyers who are prepared to buy.
  • A 90-day process. Once the seller accepts the real estate purchase agreement from the highest bidder, the transaction generally closes within a few weeks.
  • Allowing the seller to predetermine all terms and conditions for a sale.
  • Selling the property ‘as-is,’ with the buyer responsible for inspecting the property before bidding.
  • No price ceiling is set, allowing the sale price to go higher than a traditional listing

Our Services include:

  • Auction service triage
  • Vendor selection and vendor management
  • Property assessment
  • Due diligence
  • Market research
  • Valuation
  • Marketing the sale