1031 Exchanges

Tax-deferred exchanges under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code are based on a simple premise: investing capital gains proceeds from an investment property sale into another investment property, thereby deferring tax payments to the government. Such exchanges have strict guidelines: the new property, as well as its debt/equity, must be of equal or greater value than the property sold. This is commonly know as a 1031 Exchange. You sell one property, and buy another property, or properties, using all the proceeds. All of the gains that you realized from the sale of your property can be applied to the next purchase.

At Tom Properties, we have the experience and resources to guide our clients through the exacting 1031 Exchanges. Our brokers can quickly identify the right transaction to meet financial and strategic planning goals. With expertise in the net lease market, apartments, retail, various investment vehicles, together with our extensive database and the collective experience of all our brokers and via our relationships with national broker networks, we quickly identify potential transactions, anticipate and resolve unforeseen issues and successfully complete the 1031 exchange—whether a single property or a portfolio.

Because we believe in building solid relationships with our clients, Tom Properties, LLC is committed to providing you with a quality experience that meets and exceeds your expectations.