Sale Leasebacks

x Sale Leaseback and Tenant RepresentationSale leasebacks are transactions that generate more cash than a conventional mortgage, eliminate real estate debt and allow the seller continued use of the property for a term of their choosing. For a buyer, who simultaneously leases the property back to the seller through an absolute net lease, sale leasebacks generate steady, long-term income, often at a higher rate of return, while minimizing the buyer’s responsibility for maintenance on the property. Such corporate transactions can be a win-win for all parties, but they also involve complex negotiations and financing.

Tom Salviski, backed by expertise in finance, commercial real estate and a focus on net lease properties, is well poised to engineer successful sale leaseback transactions if right for you. With decades of combined experience, our brokers and partners provide clients with dedicated and professional support throughout the transaction process. With an extensive database of investors, lenders, developers and other real estate professionals, we quickly target qualified buyers, sellers and properties to meet our clients’ investment goals.

If you own, or have equity in your property, and wish to remain in some or all of your building – while shedding the responsibility of landlord and recapturing your equity for other initiatives, a Sale Leaseback may be a good option for you. Contact us to arrange a confidential discussion to explore this option.