Excellence in office brokerage.

We see commercial office space the way our clients see it – based on their unique real estate needs.

  • For Occupiers, we approach office real estate not just as space for clients to do business – but as an opportunity for future client growth, an expense to be controlled and as a way to promote and reflect our clients’ company culture.
  • For Investors, our real estate experts see office real estate not just as a standalone income-producing asset – but as a tenant roster that needs to be managed,  a part of a wider financial portfolio, and an asset that can be bought, improved and sold based on clients’ specific investment goals and market conditions.

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Our office brokers are experts in their markets, and are dedicated to consistently providing clients with efficient, targeted services that address all financial and operational issues.

Our office space services include:

  • Office seller representation
  • Office buyer representation
  • Tenant Representation
  • Landlord representation
  • Agency leasing