Buyer Services

X Buyer ServicesTom Properties caters to investors locally and from across the United States looking for lucrative investment opportunities in a stable area with tremendous cash flow and growth prospects. For investors looking to identify, evaluate and buy investment grade properties or portfolios for short, medium or long-term gain, we offer comprehensive and research-driven transaction solutions.

Unlike most Commercial Brokers, we fully understand the nuts and bolts of investments and can speak in depth with respect to economic and financial fundamentals of what makes a solid investment property as well as the pros and cons of each property. We have a solid understanding of construction practices and mechanicals, and will add value during the physical inspection phase.

There is no other firm in Rochester that exclusively focuses on the investment property market, and we take seriously our track record of integrity and diligence in the investment community.

We offer a turnkey suite of services for your desired level of involvement. Acquisition services include:

• An analysis of client’s investment goals and level of risk tolerance
• Appropriate investment properties are located that best meet the client’s profile
• Inspect the physical property and evaluate the financials
• Determine the true value potential and suggest an acquisition strategy
• Work with a qualified lender
• Work with a licensed 1031 Exchange Intermediary
• Our experienced professionals write, deliver and help negotiate the offer
• The contract is monitored throughout to assist the client in obtaining inspections and assuring that all contract requirements are met to assure a smooth closing
• Manage the property after the sale

“We handle every component of your investment property purchase – from soup to nuts. Many of our clients have never set foot in Rochester.”